The confusion of a workaholic

Being a workaholic is a confusion in itself.Is it good or is it bad? Should we work so day in and day out that our grades go down,the relationships go through some undesired changes? Should we work day in and day out for the satisfaction it gives,for the appreciation it gives,for the confidence it gives.As they say,there has to be a balance in life.When we work with devotion,we do not realize how much time and energy that task is consuming.If the task is big,well it consumes months!And in turn it also affects our personal lives,our health,but the satisfaction after accomplishing the task is unparalleled.

I was a 2nd year event coordinator of the annual technical festival of our institute.I did work a lot for the event as well as the technical festival.It  was quite a memorable journey.Learnt many new things on the way,made many new friends,some became very close friends.Went through many tensions,experienced many difficulties,but in the end the event was a huge hit and one of the best ever.It was an emotional moment,we did it.Ultimately,that joy matters,that satisfaction matters.Different people work with different purposes.Some have materialistic approach,some have a practical one while some people have emotions attached to it.The most difficult work is the third one,but it is indeed the best too.

“Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.”

The days after the event has been that same routine,the lectures,the practicals,the completions and wasting time on PC and the idiot box.Nothing much to do.Well,I did screw my mid-semester examinations.How much these extra-curricular activities really matter in the real life?There’s always the confusion regarding the GPAs. How much do they really matter in life? Isn’t it true that your work ethics matter ultimately.But here in India,GPA is somewhat a parallel term for your intellectual level.So,academics cannot be sidelined too!The confusion goes on and on and on….What to do? What not to do?

Today,our engineering department had organized a national-level quiz.As a guy who has been in this organizing stuff for last many months,I was expected to be in the organizing team for this too.There were other plans in my mind,I decided otherwise.There has to be a balance in life.It is time to take a break.Time to be myself,time to give time to personal life.Still,somewhere deep down,I felt I should have worked for the event.But there’s a huge difference in working for six months and working for six days,working for the college event and working for department’s event.Still,I visited the venue as audience and ended up doing some groundwork!Emotions were attached,you cannot overcome the emotions.May be one does it for the sake of expectations or maybe for the sake of reputation.Don’t know,doesn’t matter.

Now,within a few months time,it will be time for the cultural festival of our college!The life will go back to organizing mode-publicity,marketing,logistics,etc etc.The same cycle repeats,this is how it is.The life moves on and the confusion goes on.MAKTUB.


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