Aarohi- a legend turns 25

This is an article I wrote for the cultural festival of my institute.

One year since last Aarohi and many things have changed. As you move on in life, one year changes many, many things unlike in school life, where you are just promoted to a new class! So this is the 25thyear of Aarohi and the festival this time is a celebration, a celebration of what Aarohi has given to VNIT culture, a celebration to what Aarohi means to us as organizers.

What’s so special about Aarohi? One of my friend often questions me – ‘Abe ye kya Aarohi, Aarohi karte rehte tum log, aisa kya tod karte tum?’ Aarohi is about a spirit, a spirit which binds every batch year after year to continue with same zeal and enthusiasm. It is about friends, some unforgettable memories, the fights, the jugaads and some more stories! What has Aarohi given to me in last one year? Of course, friends, friends and friends and then some more friends! The dreadful seniors are now kind of buddies (of course, until you don’t cross some invisible lines), many new contacts, loads of memories to cherish and now one year later we all 2nd years are on the other side of the line! We ask our first years to do what we did one year ago. As I said, one year changes many things!

What Aarohi imbibes in you is a sense of responsibility. It is about the fact that 10 years later when you sit in some room, in some corner all those memories flash through, you get nostalgic and you miss those college days and you miss Aarohi. The legend of ‘Aarohi’ has now reached its 25th year and yes it is still told to the first years. The legend and its many legendary characters and the various stories associated with it. I never understood what is so special about Aarohi even in the first year unless I witnessed what happened on the last day. I realized what it means, I realized what it gives, I realized why it counts and I realized I have to carry the spirit forward. A couple of years later maybe, it’ll be our turn to give our best for the last chance we have got. Since the 25 years it has been the same, people come, witness, live, cry and move on. This is Aarohi and that is why it is so special. These four years, the four ‘Aarohi’s , I am sure are very close to every heart.

Celebrating 25 years.

Celebrating 25 years.

Now, it turns 25 and we plan to make it big. This is a celebration, this is a tribute of what Aarohi has given to its Aarohians. We are really lucky to witness this phenomenon which started way back in 1988 and we will carry it forward.

“Padada to fir bhi wahi hai, bas log badle hain, nazare badle hai.”

The VNIT will again witness the event it has always witnessed since 1988, and this time I am sure it’ll be like never before. Aarohi is here, the 25th Aarohi is here.

– A fan of the legend
Shantanu S. Gharpure


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