An odyssey of AXIS and my life.

AXIS,the largest student-organized technical festival in Central India they said way back in 2008. I participated in Junior Scientist MUN 2008, when I was in tenth standard. It was the first time I entered VNIT gates,which till then I felt were not accessible at all 😛 For a 16 year old the campus is indeed a huge place to roam around, I asked my way to auditorium and I realized I already drove 1.5 km until I reached “the audi “. Parked my vehicle there, drank a cup of coffee at Nescafé nearby. A girl escorted me to the venue where I found my juniors from school and a senior too,from the organizing team. The GD round ended,the results were announced and I was selected as a finalist,the finals to be held during AXIS’08.

At that time,it was I felt a great achievement,who cares about AXIS,I was MUN finalist! The D-day arrived,I was suited up for the first time in my life,off to VNIT on a TVS Scooty 😛 I searched Civil Engineering Department for at least 10 minutes before I could knew where it actually was. The conference started and ended. I wasn’t a winner but I was happy I could reach to finals, got acquainted with some new faces and was already a part of something big.

AXIS logo

I followed every AXIS since then,I felt good when I saw AXIS poster or some article in the newspaper. Three years later, I was part of the institute, volunteering for Junior Scientist MUN, participated and won in a quiz event in AXIS, made new friends, met new people. The organizers of AXIS 2008 and Junior Scientist 2008 had graduated from the college,leaving behind a legacy to follow. The fellow participants then were seniors and batchmates now. In second year,we were AXIS and Junior Scientist organizers, it was indeed a full circle. From participant to organizer,it was a special journey. AXIS 2008,they say was one of the best editions and so was AXIS 2012. Now as a core committee member of AXIS’13 it not only feels special, but also responsible. Responsibility to organize one of the best technical festivals of the country.

The revolution this year starts with the tagline ‘tech a step…‘ The technical festival festival of any college is a technological step ahead for its new generation. AXIS has over the years inspired the talents around the region through its various events,exhibitions and workshops. The fingers are crossed and the preparations are on. Come September, the gates of VNIT will be open for you to witness one of the biggest revolution in the region. And well, a new Nescafé is opening soon, who knows may be a sip of coffee might prove to be a good inspiration for you! MAKTUB.

-Shantanu S. Gharpure
Revolutionary, AXIS 2013


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