An odyssey of AXIS and my life – II

The last few months were indeed a roller coaster ride. The highs,the lows,the confusions,the problems and their wonderful solutions. Managing an event of such a magnitude teaches so many things! Sadly, there are so few people around to acknowledge it. It takes a lot of energy,hard work, dedication and sincerity to put up one event,especially if it is on a grand scale. The lows of unable to manage any sponsorship,confusion about various decisions that will possibly affect the whole journey ahead, the problems that can visibly stall your hard work and preparations, the solutions and finding the way out of the problems, highs of successfully managing the event, a proud feeling that the decisions you took proved right and finally,the satisfaction.

Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.

It is the process that is more enjoyable. I don’t remember what happened during those two days but I do remember the ten months before that. The ten months of planning,determination and a goal.A goal to make it large, a goal to make it the best ever, a goal to establish one’s own legacy.

My journey started with 2008 edition of the festival and I am  indeed thankful to that batch to organize the event,which gave me and many others like me the opportunity to be a part of the AXIS family. AXIS over the years through its school event Junior Scientist has inspired many other school students,like me and few of my colleagues. It is indeed a matter of pride to be an organizer of the event,of which you were a part of 5 years back.

The post event feeling,is that of a void. Nothing much to do,just pondering over the last few months, new friendships and new connections. Every time there’s a new event in college,my FB friendlist have grown :p That’s the most important part of it,you meet new people and make new friends! Engineering life is all about exams,viva,submissions,lectures and practicals. The events bring in a wind of change to the routine boring life. For some,an event is a wind of change and for a few people events are the change. It’s hard to go into a ‘null’ mode all of sudden after ten months! The thing you worked for so passionately,so sincerely, it’s all over, in just a couple of days. All great things come to an end they say and rightly so.

I believe another chapter of my college life is over with this. Another AXIS,next year, and sadly that will be my last. The journey will always be close to my heart,the journey from AXIS’08 to AXIS’13. Sadly,I now need to find a new goal in life for next couple of years! MAKTUB.

A few years later.

Time 3 P.M.

The receptionist calls me, “Sir,a guy from a college VNIT,Nagpur wants to meet you in person. He says he wants to talk regarding AXIS,the technical festival of their institute.” “Send him right away”,I say.

The guy arrives,dressed in formals,wearing proper formal shoes,comes inside and introduces himself. I, rudely ask him, “I have seen many college guys like you introducing their new technical and cultural festivals. Tell me what’s so special and different about your event.” He,calmly answers my doubts,shows me a presentation.

“What’s your native place?” I ask.

He answers,”Nagpur.”

I further enquire about his schooling,family background,etc. “Were you ever a Junior Scientist participant?” The guy is seemingly surprised on my question. A confident young boy, stammers to answer,”Yes,sir. In 2012 as MUN participant and 2013 as quiz participant.” I smile at him. He has a visibly confused look on his face.

“Give me your contact details,I’ll surely contact you later. Please let me think over the proposal.”

The guy,still confused,smiles at me,and takes out a card from his wallet and places it on my table.  He asks my card, and I happily give him mine. He reads my name and is surprised.

“Sir,I am so sorry. I could not recognize you. It is indeed my honour to meet you,sir.Hope to see you again.”

“Best luck for AXIS,”,I say.”Thank you so much”, he says and leaves my cabin.

I read his card and find the designation ‘Treasurer,AXIS 2020.’ I smile,keep the card in my drawer and the nostalgia begun.

AXIS logo


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