The Nostalgic Kite

These days of the year,always bring back old memories for me. The memories of visiting the market,the only time in the year,I loved to do so,to buy kites. Flying kites with my friends through the afternoons and evenings,running to catch them,fighting with strangers over the same.

The last few years have slowly and steadily slowed down that activity. Lives have become busier I recall. All friends now busy with their respective careers,hardly find time to get together to fly kites,to play cricket. I miss that time,we had so much of time. We played for hours,fought over petty things,hurled abuses and a day later forgot all. Who doesn’t miss one’s childhood. Back then,there was ample of time to fight over a dismissal of very important batsman in the team,fight over the way of bowling,experiencing the joy of hitting a six to one of the best bowlers in the opposite team,playing in the scorching sun without caring what time it was.

These kites always bring back those memories. Whenever I play cricket,I miss those days. Sometimes,I think,I was a better batsman then,had more stamina and was more fit. Everything has changed after tenth standard. Credit goes to the engineering exams preparation and later the engineering itself. Lives have become more matured,they say. Who wastes time watching Scooby-Doo,Popeye,Tom N Jerry or Doraemon these days. Life is now ‘facebooked’,our feelings are now ‘whatsapped’,the thoughts ‘tweeted’. We have become busy pursuing our dreams,our destinies. Or just may be we have become slaves to our ‘destiny’ we yet do not know about.

‘Age is just a number’,they say. Well,every saying is as per the convenience of the situation. Age brings responsibilities,it adds new dimensions to the life. As wind erodes away the rocks,the mountains,the growing age with it erodes the innocence,the simplicity in our lives.

Seeing the kites,my mind often wanders with them. Our lives,destinies are just like kites. They take off at the right moment,soaring high up in the wind,searching for new directions. Many kites meet high up in the air,some decide to let go,some decide to fight,some lose their way while some get cut and their journey ends.

As I was flying a kite today,after quite a long time,my mind drifted back to the good old days,when time was not an issue,there were no goals in life,the only goal was to fly kite or discuss on how to dismiss a good batsman. As I saw the setting sun,I realized that over last few years,kites seemed always lesser in number than the previous years. The interest is fading out gradually,the lives are becoming more busier. The people do not have time. Or may be,people now-a-days are jealous. They are jealous of the high-flying kite that soars high up in the sky,dancing with the wind,roaming in the sky. We are jealous of the kite that is meant to fly high when we are not. We are jealous of the kite that dances in the adversity when we don’t even have the courage to face it. We are jealous of the kite that unlike our lives, is free. The kite,unlike our lives,has all the time in the world to keep flying higher and higher. The kite,that dances with the wind. The kite,that flies high in the air.The kite that gives us a hope that we too may fly high some day. The kite that makes us jealous.That nostalgic kite. MAKTUB.




The year,2013,as I reflect back was indeed quite memorable for me. It taught me so many things,shared with me so many new experiences. As 2014 adds up to the number 7,I list down the 7 things I learnt from 2013.

Action speaks louder than words. As a leader, it is worthless to preach certain things. One should lead from the front. Useless speeches are of no use, if you don’t back them with your actions.

Annoyance. I often get annoyed when things don’t work out or when things don’t go according to ‘my’ plan. 2013 taught me to adapt myself. It taught me that it often happens that things do not happen as desired. It has taught me patience. Patience is indeed a great virtue to possess. I am still learning and I sincerely hope 2014 will offer me more lessons about patience.

Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility. This is one of the most important lesson the year 2013 taught me. You have to be responsible because you represent something. I also learnt that responsibilities tend to enslave you. You have to think a great deal to do certain things you did quite naturally. But now you can’t because people are observing you,they know you. You are a leader and it matters a lot how a leader behaves.

Opinions. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. People will often advice you about the right and the wrong things. But no one,except you,can decide what’s to be followed. 2013 taught me to differentiate between opinions. In a team where nearly everyone’s equal,everyone’s opinion counts. On a personal front,it’s always up to oneself whether to listen to them and act or just listen to them. The only opinions that matter are the ones you seek. The advises that matter are the one you ask for. Otherwise a thousand people can have thousand different opinions. But ultimately,you cannot follow everybody. God has never managed to please every man on this earth,how can we expect the same from human beings.

Hard-work. There’s absolutely no substitute for hard work. 2013 has reinstated this truth yet again for me. It doesn’t matter how much you plan certain things,how much you think about them,how much you wish to get them done. This doesn’t count at all. You’ll keep day-dreaming about these things unless you stop thinking and start working. The result necessarily may not be in one’s favor. But it’s important to work. Nothing else matters. Luck may defy us,the hard-work would not.

The more you sweat in peace,the less you bleed in battle.

Ignorance is bliss. It’s hard to ignore certain things. It’s very hard,you just can’t ignore the things you are attached to so much. But then,sometimes,you choose to ignore them because your priorities are no more what they used to be. Something else that had taken a backseat has climbed up to the top position in your priority list. The fact that people change is not always true. People remain the same,its the priorities that change. To prioritize certain things you choose to ignore some other things. Sometimes,you also need to understand the ultimate truth of life. Things do not last forever. They end some day,you’ll have to move on. You have to ignore some things just because you cannot take care of them every time. You’ll have to wait,you’ll have to think,you’ll have to ignore,you’ll have to give others the chance to do small mistakes so that they can learn from them. You’ll have to learn to follow because you cannot lead every time. You choose to ignore, not because you don’t care anymore,but because you want to get detached from them. Because,you need to move on. You need to search a new goal,you need to find a purpose,you need to change the priorities. It’s not easy. But then,one has to,one has to some day.

2013,as I reflect back,has indeed taught me so many things. It was quite an experience for me. I certainly know that the conflict in my mind about the things I like and about the things I need, will go on for quite some time.I can only hope to find peace with myself. Ignorance is bliss,really? The time is a great leveler ,they say.

As I conclude this, I remember the conflict between Seline Kyle and the Batman from Dark Knight Rises.:

Selina Kyle: You don’t owe these people anymore, you’ve given them everything.
Batman: Not everything, not yet.


The Dark Knight trilogy has never failed to inspire me!