2015- Four letters, four years and the last four months.

2015, a year that I probably awaited for or I didn’t for the past three and half years. The most memorable phase of my life is going to last just another four months and then.. Don’t know what after that. College is a wonderful place, make new friends, meet so many people, share experiences and make memories. Transitions are and will always be difficult. But this one, I believe is going to be the most difficult one of my life. Many in this world would concur with my thoughts I’m sure.

Final year of the college.. you know when is that going to end, forever. You start penning your bucket list, fill that with your expectations and dreams, somehow hoping to tick all that boxes. So many things to do and yet the time seems so so less. You want to enjoy the last days the world might just excuse you to be irresponsible because you still are in college. Last four months, last exams, last this last that..Nothing’s enough. The reality dawns now somehow and yet it is so so difficult to accept it. All of a sudden you realize that there’s a philosopher in you who want to do something, write something, tell something. Humans invented language to communicate and yet certain things cannot be conveyed, written or described. The period we spend in college years is often called ‘college life’ and probably there’s some reason to that. The word ‘life’ attached to college has such a great significance. I’m sure everyone can write a novel on college life. If they cannot then they just went to college and didn’t live it.

This is the time for farewells, parties, dance and music. Celebrate the four years we lived and wishing each other luck for the journey ahead. The life here I feel is really a miniature version of probably how real life will be like. I sometimes contemplate sitting on a seashore, thinking about the past three and half years in retrospect. Probably write something there in the beautiful view of a sunset. But then, I don’t have time for all these things. I can only imagine doing that, but in reality I don’t want to, because I realize that the situation is just like that setting sun. The time is less and the period, the most beautiful. The life’s currently all about ‘Carpe Diem‘! Seize the day, make the most of the time we have.


Four months are all that left to summarize four years. 365 days later maybe I can tell what it is like to be in college and what it’s like to be out in the world. I’ll miss this place for sure and the people who made the place lively. I’ll miss the people who added life to the word college. But as the new year dawns I am slowly accepting the reality. 2015 is the year of transition,anxiety and anticipation. I can somehow only hope that the transition is smooth and memorable. This is it. MAKTUB.


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