Transitions- The one after the end

It has been two months since the last exam of college life and for me personally, the two months have been in leisure and solace. Spending or rather counting my last days here in Nagpur. I can’t believe two months at one place doing nothing. I wonder when again I’ll get such a long vacation in my life again before I retire or maybe not. Undergraduate life, probably the most wonderful time of everyone’s life. Mine ended with that exam. Post that it has been all about reminiscing the years that went by. Farewells, doing things for one last time. Laughing, crying, singing, dancing; just enjoying probably for one last time with friends. Kya pata kal ho na ho.

I still remember vaguely the first time I entered this huge campus for MUN conference, a part of the institute’s technical festival. Excited, nervous, eager and anxious. All emotions rushing through simultaneously. That was my first interaction with VNIT life. That memory has stayed with me all these years and I’m sure I will cherish it for a long time to come. Little did I know I would be organizing the same MUN conference four years later. Life is sometimes funny indeed.
I visited campus often after that. Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone seeking solace and some time away from studies. Eventually got admitted to Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. My seniors have taught me well enough to pronounce and write the full name of the college. I still remember my first day of college. So many unknown faces around. I was excited, nervous, eager and anxious. Made friends soon enough thanks to the humanly ability to adapt to new conditions.
The walk from Bajaj Nagar Gate via Guest House to IT Park gate is something that I will continue to look forward to. Even seemingly very small things in one’s life can have a huge value. Every time I eat a bhutta,  I will right away compare it with what I get in front of my college gate. The rains will take me back to college reminding me of how beautiful it looks. A gang of friends laughing heartily over a tea will remind me of the Bajaj and its chai tapris. Every time I want to download a movie or a TV series, I would wish I was in college and had DC++ to download all the stuff I want. I might have wonderful cushion chairs to sit upon while working but the plastic chairs in SAC will always be dearer to me. I might attend hundred concerts in my life but I will miss the last college concert we organized and we enjoyed. I will dine in the finest restaurants in the world but it won’t be the same as eating in college canteen. Paisa toh shayad bahot rahega par ‘bhai aaj paise nahi hai, treat dede’, kise bolunga fir kabhi. Small things indeed. Small moments and yet these are something we all deeply value and adore. Before leaving this place, we all somehow wanted to live those moments again, just for one last time. Shayad kal ho na ho… 
It’s not just some 214 acre campus for us. It is our own treasure; a box filled with memories. I can recall incidences attached to every place in college. Canteen, Admin, Department, Library, Audi, katta, SAC, Bajaj Nagar, Boys Hostel, Parking, MIG, Couple’s hideouts. All those places. Even the hangout spots outside the college hold significance for us. Pakodewala at Pratap Nagar, Vadapav thela, Faluda,Tarri Samosawala, Chinese near IT Park, Juice wala, etc. Even the hawkers knew us and would let us sit at that place for hours in the night. When in our lives would we find so much time again.
All my friends leave this city one by one, to different lives. Some working as corporates and analysts, some in factories as engineers and some continuing their education. Whenever we meet again at convocation or at different cities in this world, there’s one thing that will bind us- college and memories. We will be heading corporate divisions, probably our own companies, teaching at some university; But whenever we would meet we’ll end up discussing the same old jokes and same old stories. Probably we won’t ever get tired of them. It feels so strange now. The people you have seen growing up, the people you know are absolute idiots and worth doing nothing in life are going in different directions and pursue their dreams, working in corporate sector and shouldering responsibilities. Few of us will in future be CEOs, CMOs and what not. Yet still, we would continue cursing each other, staring in disbelief that how could we, worthless pricks, achieve so much in our lives.
As I write this a sea of emotions gushes through. I am still wondering where did the time go. We entered as nervous teenagers and leave as confident adults. Two weeks from now I’ll be at a different place, with different people on a different journey. Everyone’s life is one’s own journey. We meet at crossroads and some people are worth meeting again and again. As I lead onto a new and unexplored path that lies ahead of me; Am I excited? Yes. Nervous? Eager? Anxious?! Yes, yes and yes! I will miss this place for sure. Miss the city, miss my friends. The hangout spots, Futala, Ambazari, my college, Zilpi, Dhabas and what not. Am I being a bit too sentimental right now? Maybe. I don’t really care. Phir kal ho na ho..

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