Postcard from Vizag

Today instead of sending a poem,
Sending you a postcard.
Just to let you know,
That I am fine,
Away from home,
Away from the world I know,
I am fine.
I won’t ask, ‘How you doin?’
The reply I know is ‘fine’.
Vizag is beautiful,
Not that you’ll be jealous.
Just thought of letting you know.
Silenced, among the strange voices.
Confused and bemused.
Just to let you know.
Doing my part like the ocean does,
Rages from miles,
Promising to meet the land.
Promise is eternal,
And the meet ephemeral.
Hope it reaches you,
It won’t be in any wrap.
Open and bare,
Like your wounds and mine.
Would you read this time?
Smell it, see it.
Does it feel different?
– Shantanu

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