Aarohi XIV- ‘Special 26’

An article written for the cultural festival of my institute. 🙂

It seems like yesterday,the first Aarohi meeting in P-05. Final years and second years addressing the gathering of first years in that classroom,explaining the importance of Aarohi. That was two years ago,sometimes seems a long time. Many things have changed since then and yet certain things always seem to be the same. Aarohi,the annual cultural festival of VNIT-Nagpur,founded in 1988, a phenomenon,that endures;inspiring every new batch and guiding them through the four memorable years of engineering.

Two years back,our job was to execute the things well planned for us. Now,we are on the other side,planning the things as well as ensuring that they are executed. The nostalgia still doesn’t get over as I recall those moments. In all this I have changed a lot. It was a wonderful experience organizing ‘Cultural Nite’,the charity show,organized by the third years of the Aarohi family. All the efforts,the planning it seemed were perfect when the audience was completely mesmerized by the voice of Devaki Panditji. It wasn’t just musical,it was magical. Every event planned and managed successfully certainly ups the confidence of the whole batch. From Junior Scientist to AXIS to Cultural Nite, in all this, we have certainly gained a lot of experience which certainly have prepared us for our future endeavors. In retrospect,I realized my role as an organizer across various events has changed profoundly. From an active role now it’s more sort of supporting role. With every event,for me personally, I have realized the changes in my thinking and my behavior.Across all the events organized right from the first year, it’s really not easy to manage the same intensity throughout. It has not been for me,but somehow the boat had to sail and so it has. One does certain things for oneself and sometimes for others,for friends and may be for the expectations. It has been the latter this time for me. Every work to be done has a motivation factor attached to it. When you do not have it,there’s sometimes no point working for something. You need to two things for any thing to be completed well: Motivation and will. Where there’s a will,there’s a way. My belief on this saying has only got better over the years. Any successful event has two main pillars the organizers and their will power. For us,this time,we had the will to make the event bigger and donate a larger sum. We have more or less achieved what we wanted to achieve. Happiness is just a by-product of the efforts required to achieve a goal.

These last couple of years taught me more than the previous years. It has been an incredible journey. It has given me friends,it has given me the enjoyment college life is defined by. I guess,this is what makes Aarohi as an event so special. You have eight semesters in college on one side and four editions of Aarohi on the other. What we all can sum up in the blog is just a tribute,just another tribute to a way of life,a legacy called ‘Aarohi’. This year’s edition is just another day away. The tension and the nervousness is at its peak. But then it all balances on the last night. That’s the day I personally organize Aarohi for. That night is above all and previous two have been memorable. I will miss the outgoing friends, I surely will. We have enjoyed working as their sub-ordinates in all the events they have organized. The joy they felt after completing the event successfully was as much as we felt organizing the event. I have made some wonderful friends,that have made the last 3 years of my college life an enjoyable experience. I hope may our friendship continue further and I hope they equally cherish the moments I have spent with them all. Come February 24, there will just be one last Aarohi remaining for our batch,one last event for the last semester of college life. I can certainly imagine what my seniors must be feeling right now. I cannot justify the feelings by writing them here in my words. To experience that feeling, you have to be an Aarohi organizer,not just for one edition,but throughout the four editions. I hope the penultimate event of my college life ends with an awesome show by AGNEE. I am certain,it will.MAKTUB.

A fan of the legend
Shantanu Gharpure.


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